Seminar: “Echoes from the field: following stories in challenging contexts”, May 18 (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

The Schuman Centre’s Seminar Series is a forum for the Schuman Centre’s post-doctoral fellows to give presentations of their research projects. This is a unique opportunity to present their projects to, and to receive feedback from, a broad audience from various disciplinary backgrounds.

Thomas Lepinay, Facing communication and discretion: reflections on fieldwork in fiscal institutions

Farah Ramzy, Capturing demobilization in real-time: Observing student activists in post-2013 Egypt

Greta Semplici, Methodological Mess: Doing Research in Contexts of High Variability. Reflections from fieldwork with Turkana herders in northern Kenya dryland

This seminar is in person. Please register as places are limited.

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