Seminar: “Extending Japan-EU cooperation: new opportunities for Croatian EU Presidency”, 19 November 2019 (IRMO, Croatia)

The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness and explore the potential to tackle local and global challenges based on Croatia/EU cooperation with Japan. The seminar will promote common values that EU and Japan share and explore potential emerging from cooperation between Croatia, the EU and Japan to achieve EU priorities until 2024: protecting citizens and freedoms; developing a strong and vibrant economic base; building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe; and promoting European interests and values on the global stage. These priorities are coherent with bilateral agreements between the EU and Japan, namely the Strategic Partnerships Agreement (SPA) and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

The seminar will include three sessions. The first one will deal with common values as a basis for cooperation and common actions. The second session will outline opportunities emerging from the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement and the third will focus on global issues and link them with SPA.

The House of Europe, Zagreb, Croatia

19 November 2019

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