Seminar: “Minors in Terrorist Organizations: Radicalization and Intervention”, November 1 (NUPI, Norway)

Between 2014 and 2021 five underaged, between fourteen and eighteen years, have been convicted in Spain of membership of a jihadist terrorist organization. The presentation will analyze their radicalization and the intervention implemented with these youth aimed at reducing their radicalization and the risk of violent extremism.

Firstly, the presentation will assess the main features of the radicalization processes of these minors following a three-dimensional analysis at the micro, meso and macro level. Secondly, the psycho-socio and educational individualized programmes conducted by the Agency for the Reeducation and Reintegration of Young Offenders will also be analyzed.

The evidence presented will demonstrate the diverse and multi-factorial character of radicalization. It will also show how the intervention programme was a necessary but insufficient step in the deradicalization of the minors.

Dr Rogelio Alonso is a Full Professor of Politics at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, where he coordinates its Master on the Analysis and Prevention of Terrorism. He has been a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Violent Radicalisation, and a member of the Editorial Board of the Centre of Excellence of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN CoE), as well as senior advisor on counter terrorism for the Spanish Government, lecturer at the School of Politics of The University of Ulster, and Research Fellow at The Institute of Irish Studies and The Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research, both at The Queen’s University of Belfast.

He has received several international awards for his publications on political violence, radicalization, media coverage of terrorist conflicts, and victims of terrorism. He has been Principal Investigator of numerous international projects on terrorism and antiterrorism sponsored, among others, by the European Commission and the US Department of Defense through the Minerva initiative.  He is a member of the Editorial Board of journals such as Terrorism and Political Violence, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, and Democracy and Security. 

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