Serie of seminars on Europe Dialogues 2012-2013, University of Iceland (IIA-CSSS), September 2012 – May 2013

The IIA-CSSS recently received a Jean Monnet grant from the European Union to continue its “Europe Dialogues” seminar series. As before the aim of the seminar series will be to engender an informed debate about Iceland and Europe. There will be 10 seminars on the subject over eight months, with the focus this time around being on the following topics:

1. Is the Euro Still a Viable Option for Iceland?
2. Small States Identities within the European Union
3. Energy Security
4. Equality and Gender Issues
5. The EU´s Regional Policy
6. Iceland, the EU and the Common Fisheries Policy
7. The European Union and the Great Powers
8. The EU and the Arctic
9. Environmental Issues Including Whaling
10. Growing Nationalism in Europe