SInAN, Strengthening and Integrating Academic Networks

Strengthening and Integrating Academic Networks (SInAN) was awarded to the Center for European Studies (CES-METU) under the European Commission’s programme for Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue between European Union and Turkey: Universities Grant Scheme. The Project is being implemented by CES-METU for an 18-month period from June 2008 to November 2009. CES-METU’s Project partner is Jean Monnet Centre (JMC), University of Cologne (Germany). Project associates are Sabanci University (Istanbul) , University of Sienna (Italy), and six regional universities in Turkey which are part of the ÖYP network, namely, universities of Akdeniz (Antalya), Gaziantep, Yüzüncü Yıl (Van), Gaziosmanpaşa (Tokat), Ondokuz Mayıs (Samsun) and Trakya (Edirne). For more information please see

The overall objectives of the Project are:

  1.  To create synergies between academic networks in Turkey and the EU by strengthening their collaboration and integration through the CES-METU – JMC, University of Cologne partnership with a view to a ‘dual gate opener’ function by:
    • enhancing CES-METU’s integration in the European Research Area (ERA) through networks such as EU-CONSENT, TEPSA and Jean Monnet Chairs;
    • opening the gates of ERA for CES-METU’s national network of universities
  2. To question the ‘myths’ that characterise the debate on Turkey’s EU accession process by engaging academic communities in constructive dialogue and extensive research, in three priority areas;
    • EU’s institutional architecture: theories, strategies and lessons learned from enlargement;
    • Employment, social affairs and equal opportunities;
    • External relations (CFSP, ESDP and ENP)
  3. To ensure better knowledge and understanding of Turkey within the EU, and of the EU within Turkey focusing on the above priority areas by contributing to
  4. (a) conceptions on political and socio-economic implications of Turkey’s accession to the EU; (b) current debates on EU institutional reforms (Reform Treaty) and the EU’s absorption capacity
  5. To include equal opportunities and sustainable development as overarching dimensions informing all stages of collaboration in the three priority areas.

SInAN PhD-School

9-13 February 2009, Brussels

The first PhD School within the framework of SInAN – “The EU’s Institutional Architecture and the Impact of Enlargement – Past, Present and Future“ – brought together young researchers from Turkey and EU

member states, addresses EU institutional challenges in view of past, present and future enlargements and promotes transnational interdisciplinary networks.

The SInAN PhD School, organised in cooperation with TEPSA, asks what impact enlargement did have, has and will have on the institutions of the European Union, hereby focusing especially on the case of the Turkish accession process. Thereby opportunities and challenges posed by Turkey’s accession to the EU shall be highlighted