“Sixth interview of the “Klartext“-series: Open data in Ukraine and the challenge of providing reliable data” (IEP, Germany)

Within the framework of the project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication” (PAIC) the fifth interview from the series “Klartext” has been published. Roman Kulchynskyi, director of TEXTY.org.ua, talks about the situation of open data on local and national level and data journalism in Ukraine. In the interview, Kulchynskyi recalls the development of the organization and gives an insight into the current situation of public accessible data in Ukraine. Which ministries and agencies publish data? What can explain the fact that despite having access to a relatively great amount of data, the information cannot be used for analysis? What can be done to achieve a standardization of the collection of data on both local and national level and which projects should be supported by donor organizations? Kulchynskyi also mentions the cooperation between TEXTY.org.ua and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and shows how the cooperation developed. Furthermore, the project “TrollSphere” is presented during which TEXTY.org.ua uncovered and analyzed a troll- and bot-network.

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