Small States Summer School 2012, The Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies (IIA-CSSS)

IIA-CENTRE-FOR-SMAL-STATE-ENSThe Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland holds an intensive two week summer course sponsored by an Erasmus grant, focusing on small states and the European integration process. The course brings together some of the best scientists in the field of small states studies who have a combined knowledge in various disciplines such as political science, economics, history, public policy and sociology. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the summer school and this time around we focused on small states, integration and globalization. The Small States Summer School 2012 was held from Monday, June 18th until Saturday, June 30th, concluding with an exam. International students from seventeen partner universities apply directly through their own universities, with each partner university nominating one or two students to participate in the program.

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