“Social and Economic Reconstruction of the European Union Dimensions: Toward Bottom-Up and Top-Down Institutional Reconstruction of the European Union – more inclusive, more sustainable and more pluralistic EU”, Matjaž Nahtigal (CIR, Slovenia)

The purpose of this monograph is to show that there is a path beyond the pessimistic, shallow, fragmentary EU on one hand and a path beyond centralized, technocratic one-size-fits all EU on the other hand. The theoretical assumption of the monograph is that there is no single, universally valid institutional form of market economy, representative democracy and organized civil society. This theoretical assumption represents an invitation, conceptual and practical, for institutional innovations, for institutional, economic and social reconstruction from the bottom-up and the top-down. It is an invitation for European citizens, various social groups and social alliances to engage and actively to shape, construct, innovate and reconstruct European markets and political and social institutions at all levels of European polity.

The book is freely available here.