Spring 2013 Publications by IWE, Budapest

Csaba Weiner, Central and Eastern Europe’s Dependence on Russian Gas, Western CIS Transit States and the Quest for Diversification through the Southern Corridor, Working Papers, IWE-CERSHAS, Budapest, No. 201, May 2013. More information here.

Annamária Artner, Youth unemployment or NEETs? Reasons and treatment in Europe. Working Papers No. 202 May 2013, CERSHAS Institute of World Economics, ISSN 1215-5241 ISBN 978-963-301-598-8. More information here.

HunEast European Studies No. 4 – Zsuzsa Ludvig (ed.), Eurasian Challenges – Partnerships with Russia and other issues of the post-Soviet area,
Budapest, 2013, 164 p., Institute of World Economics, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, ISSN 2063-9465

This volume contains the following studies:

Volodymyr Sidenko: Ukraine’s regional integration policies: EU versus Eurasian Community

Annamária Kiss: Russia and the South Caucasus: managing contradictions

Marco Siddi: Italy-Russia relations: politics, energy and other business

Zsuzsa Ludvig: Russia and the Central East European countries – impacts of economic crises on their trade relations

Ievgen L. Cherevykov: Institutional environment for Public Private Partnership in Ukraine: Do institutions really matter?

Alpár Szőke: Environment, sustainability and economic performance. The case of the Northern Aral Sea region

More information here.