Spring and summer 2013 events at Royal Institute Elcano, Spain

spain logo main16.07.2013 – Working breakfast with Jane Hardy, Australian Ambassador to Spain, who about the “Asian Century and Europe: an Australian view”, and the current state of relations between Spain and Australia. Elcano Royal Institute. More information. 

15.07.2013 – Seminar: The Americas and the European Union facing the new scenarios in commercial and political relations. Organized together with the Secretaría General Iberoamericana and Casa de America, with the collaboration of UNDP and FRIDE. More information. 

03.07.2013 – Presentation of the 2012 edition of the Elcano Global Presence Index (IEPG after its initials in Spanish). How would the global presence of a “United States of Europe” be? Organized together with BBVA. More information.          

 12.07.2013 – Conversation on US-Spain relations. Organized together with the US Embassy in Madrid and Casa de América. With the participation of Alan D. Solomont, US Ambassador to Spain and Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Chairman of Elcano Royal Institute. More information. 

10.06.2013 – Roundtable: European External Action: implications to Spain. Elcano Royal Institute. Roundtable focused on the necessity of thinking strategically about the EU’s external action, after the publication of the report Think Global Act European IV. Thinking Strategically. Elcano Royal Institute has contributed to this collective project, coordinated by Jacques Delors Institute (Notre Europe) with four reports and a seminar in Madrid. The Roundtable took place in the headquarters of the European Institutions in Spain, and presented by Charls Powell, director of the institute, with the intervention of Elvire Fabry, director of TGAE Project / Notre Europe – Institut Jaques Delors; and Elcano’s researchers that have participated in this project: Haizam Amirah Fernández, Carmen González Enríquez, Ignacio Molina and Alicia Sorroza. More information.elcano

06.06.2013 – Working Breakfast. Ethiopia, a central country in Africa’s Horn. Elcano Royal Institute. Ethiopia’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Berhane Gebre-Christos, met with experts and analysts at Elcano Royal Institute to talk about the role of his country in the Horn of Africa. More information. 

30.05.2013 – Working Breakfast. Sudan: Opportunities and challenges. Elcano Royal Institute. Sudan’s Foreign Minister, Ali Ahmed Karti, who was accompanied by the country’s Investment Minister, Mustafa Osman Ismail, talked about the opportunities for foreign investment in his country, and future economic challenges following the independence of South Sudan. More information.