Stockholm, 28-29 May 2009

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs in Stockholm is pleased to announce an international conference on the eve of the Swedish Presidency of the European Union.

Swedish Presidency 2009: Finding Solidarity in the Face of Crises

The past eight months bear witness to multiple crises facing the European Union, including the institutional dilemma sparked by rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, the geopolitical emergencies in Georgia and the Middle East, and the ongoing economic crisis which caused social unrest across Europe. As the Swedish Presidency approaches, further crises will likely emerge – but so will opportunities to renew European solidarity and tighten the bonds of integration.

This conference will bring together senior scholars and high-level practitioners from across Europe to focus on the Swedish Presidency of the EU. It will examine the prospects for improving European solidarity in the face of existing and emerging challenges.

This event is organized as part of the “pre-presidency” series of TEPSA (the Trans European Policy Studies Association) and EU-CONSENT (Constructing Europe Research Network) and enjoys support from the Stockholm Forum for Security Studies (SFSS).

For further information please contact Anne Schmidt (