SUMMIT kick-off conference, 28-29 January 2016, Brussels: “Grasping the European Council – Raising Awareness for a Key Institution”

SUMMITFondation Universitaire
Rue d’Egmont 11


Under the slogan “Grasping the European Council – Raising Awareness for a Key Institution” the SUMMIT kick-off Conference and PADEMIA workshop gathered about 70 academic experts and practitioners for enriching discussions about the European Council’s performance, its role in the EU’s political live and about problems of researching this institution.

Exclusive insights could be gained by contributions of Herman VAN ROMPUY (President of the European Council Emeritus), Martin SELMAYR (Head of Cabinet of the European Commission), Didier SEEUWS (Head of Cabinet of the previous President of the European Council, now Director for Transport, Telecom and Energy of the Council of the European Union), Zoltán MARTINUSZ (Director for Enlargement, Security, Civil Protection, Foreign Affairs Council Support of the Council) and Shahin VALLEE (former economic advisor to European Council President Van Rompuy).

The participants deepened their discussions in eight working groups with different focuses on this key EU institution.

The SUMMIT project (Studying the European Council – Mastering and Disseminating Knowledge about a Key Institution) is dedicated to the European Council, and aims to contribute to the promotion of European Union studies by providing the latest research-based knowledge about this key institution.

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