“Sustainable and Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems: The Planetary Boundaries Approach”, Özge Geyik (IPC, Turkey)

Nutrition transcends sectors and, hence, requires multi-sectoral action. On the way to the first ever United Nations Food Systems Summit, which will take place in September 2021, actors from non-governmental, governmental, and the private sectors are engaging in joint efforts to facilitate discussions on pathways for food systems transformation. Globally, food systems are failing to address the multiple roles outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals. The cost of the triple burden of malnutrition—the coexistence of hunger, overnutrition, and hidden hunger—is increasing worldwide. At the same time, food systems activities are putting immense pressure on many Earth-system processes such as climate, land, and freshwater systems in addition to biogeochemical cycles and biosphere integrity. Fair, sustainable, and healthy food environments are prerequisites to achieve food and nutrition security. Hence, food system transformation is indispensable to secure affordable and nutritious food for all within the planetary boundaries.

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