Symposium called “A European common good” organised by the “Centre International de Formation Européenne” (CIFE), 21-22 May 2015

In the framework of its research department activities, CIFE is organising a symposium in Brussels, on the 21 and 22 of May, on the question of a “European Common Good”. Asking this question has become topic since the financial, economic, “sovereign” debt crisis and ensuing disputes over the purpose of European “togetherness” arose. The symposium will contribute to clarify how a European Common Good can be conceived and put into practice. CIFE’s research team and guest speakers – among them Jean Baechler (Paris), Jacques Le Cacheux (Pau), Noortje Wiesbauer (Antwerp), Catherine Guisan (Minnesota), Paul Dembinski (Geneva) – will discuss the topic from a philosophical, social scientist and economics perspective. The venue of the symposium will be the Fondation Universitaire, Brussels.

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