TEDxCIFE Videos now available (CIFE)

TEDxCIFE – The videos of the recent TEDxCIFE event on the topic of “Re-Connect” are now online. Topics treated ranged from “Trust as a key element of Franco-German reconciliation and friendship” to “How reconnecting to your Inner Child is a Superpower in Times of Crisis”

In October, seven dynamic speakers – four of them CIFE Alumni  and some of them coming from far away – tackled the topic Re-connect from a multitude of points of view. 

Lucia Kamati and Nadiya Nair, both young career professionals in the energy sector, believe as women of colour that they should be the voice for the next generation. They are working together to pave the way to allow more women like them the right to education. They dedicated their passionate TEDx Talk to Inspiring Women of Colour to Join the Energy Sector.

Thomas Lahnthaler, an experienced crisis leader, explained How Reconnecting to Your Inner Child is a Superpower During a Crisis. In his gripping talk, Thomas depicted how our increasing experience as we grow older often turns into a disadvantage during critical times. Whether it’s jumping in a muddy puddle, turning the living room upside down or simply giving someone a hug; there is much to learn from how children navigate the world around them. 

Giacomo Famigli, bookworm and language lover, tackled how Saving Jobs from Artificial Intelligence could look like and asked what would happen if people were paid to do what they love while contributing to the community? Giacomo is a CIFE Alumnus, he graduated with the Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs.

Nicole Bogott, political scientist, published author and public speaker, spoke about Revolutionising Human Interaction to Create New Economic, Political and Societal Spaces. Nicole is a CIFE Alumnua, she graduated with the trilingual Master in Advanced European and International Studies.

Tobias Bütow, German Secretary General of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO), an international organisation dedicated to the German – French cooperation, outlined how trust can be created in emergency situations and post-conflict societies. In It’s All about Trust! Insights into Franco-German Cooperation & Friendship he showed how the bilateral relations of France and Germany can inspire other world regions.

Anisa Goshi has worked internationally in the humanitarian, legal, health, and management consulting sectors.  In her TEDx Talk The Art of Resilience she looked into what keeps our spirit going when we’re faced with seemingly unending blows. Resilience is an art, an art of living, with many faces. 

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