TEPSA and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs organise Pre-Presidency Conference before the Swedish Presidency begins

The December conference will bring experts, policy-makers, civil society and the wider public together to discuss the priorities of the upcoming Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

STOCKHOLM, 24/11/2022: On 1-2 December, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and TEPSA will host policy-makers from the upcoming Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union to meet with key stakeholders and the wider public to discuss their priorities for the Swedish Presidency for the first half of 2023.

Before every Council Presidency, the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) joins with its Member Institute in the relevant country to organise the Pre-Presidency Conference (PPC). PPCs have become a staple of the European political year ever since the first one, hosted to preview the Irish presidency of January-June 1975. Ahead of the conference, TEPSA will also present its recommendations for the Swedish Presidency, which have been drafted by TEPSA researchers.

TEPSA Secretary-General Jim Cloos describes the value of Pre-Presidency Conferences as “a perfect opportunity to bring together representatives of the TEPSA network and political decision-makers. This cross-fertilization is essential for a vibrant debate about Europe in the run-up to each Presidency. It allows our TEPSA members to make a difference”.

UI Director, Jakob Hallgren says that he ‘welcomes this timely conference at a time when Europe is facing unprecedented challenges’, adding that he thinks that ‘it will play an important role in providing a platform for discission on some of the most relevant issues for the EU and upcoming the Swedish Presidency.’

The discussions in Stockholm will concern the ongoing war in Ukraine, the evolution of cooperation in Central Europe, the Green Deal, the future of the Union and its fundamental values, migration policy, Europe in a competitive world and more.

The conference is supported by the Government Offices of Sweden, the European Commission Office in Sweden, as well as via TEPSA’s CERV Operating Grant. In the context of two panel discussions, it has received funding from the Horizon-funded ‘DiCE – Differentiation: Clustering Excellence’ and ‘Reclaiming Liberal Democracy in the Postfactual Age’ projects.

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs and TEPSA will host Swedish government officials, experts in various fields, national stakeholders, and the wider public to take part in the latest Pre-Presidency Conference and shape the future of Europe together.

The event will take place in Stockholm on 1-2 December. It will be livestreamed and available at ui.se.


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