TEPSA Brief: “The future of EU’s security and defence policies”, Participants of the TEPSA Academy 2022

TEPSA is happy to present its new policy brief “The future of EU’s security and defence policies”, written by the participants of the TEPSA Academy 2022: Cian FitzGerald, Dimitris Tsaknis, Emma Papait-Bonnefoy, Erekle Iantbelidze, Francesca Bodini, Franco Luciano, Franc Shkembi, Frederic Krull, Gábor András Papp, Helen Kurvits, Irene Rusconi, Klara Ahčin, Lucia Rivas García, Mahmoud Javadi, Maria Elena Tsitsiloni, Marián Stankovič, Miguel Reyes Castro, Naomi Moreno Cosgrove, under the coordination of Sónia Sénica, Research Fellow at the Portuguese Institute of International Relations.


The TEPSA Academy 2022 on the European Union’s (EU) Security and Defence Policies gathered participants from all over Europe with the goal of mapping and discussing the challenges faced by the Union in these fields. Presented with the key findings from expert lectures and meetings with EU practitioners, participants wrote a set of recommendations for the future of the European Security and Defence Agenda, from increasing its capacities and coordination capabilities, to strengthening its position on the global stage.

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