Watch: TEPSA Explainer “Euroscepticism in Austria”

In this contribution to the ongoing TEPSA Explainers series, Paul Schimdt from the Austrian Society for European Politics (ÖGFE) takes us through six recommendations to solve a crisis of Euroscepticism in Austria:

  1. Address criticism proactively;
  2. Provide a European answer to globalisation;
  3. More European engagement of national politicians;
  4. Stress involvement of national representatives in all European decisions;
  5. Engage those who have first-hand experience of the benefits of European integration;
  6. Involve the young.

This TEPSA Explainer is linked with the upcoming edition of the TEPSA Book “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals“, of which Paul Schmidt is an editor, along with Michael Kaeding and Johannes Pollak. One of the book’s chapters focuses in on the topic of Euroscepticism in Austria.