TEPSA has a new website!

In a period of transformations and new dynamics for TEPSA (its new board has just entered into office, with a new, ambitious roadmap), this new website will allow for greater visibility for its members and a more user-friendly experience.

The projects sections has been redesigned, with an easier overview of all projects and essential information on each project. The events section is now more intuitive, and the publications section will soon be organised along thematic lines. A new section devoted to Pre-Presidency Conferences will provide easy access to essential information about TEPSA’s flagship event, including TEPSA’s recommendations.

Members are now more prominently presented, and their publications, events and calls for papers/applications, can now be browsed through at a glance on the homepage.

Finally, more space is given to social media and audiovisual media, with links to Facebook, Twitter and TEPSA’s newly created Youtube channel.