TEPSA – NBU EU election discussion event for high school students

On 14 May, the Department of Political Science at the New Bulgarian University, TEPSA and the Information Bureau of the EP for Bulgaria will organise a simulation – debate, voting and adoption of the European Parliament (EP) Resolution. The simulation is aimed at high school students and is built as an interactive role-playing game of the EP plenary session on the topic of “EU enlargement in the Western Balkans”. Students will be divided into groups reflecting the proportional composition of the European Parliament. Each group will receive a Draft Resolution of the European Parliament, procedures, Agenda of the meeting and materials to help participants prepare their parliamentary groups’ positions and defend them during the debates in the Plenary session.

The Simulation is an educational game that enables the participants to experience the democratic process of legislative procedures in the European Parliament. The participants will learn how the EP functions, will understand the complexities of its decision-making process, and how important is the influence of the EP in relation to other institutions of the EU. The simulation allows students to exercise and further develop their skills for debate, negotiation and public expression.

The event will take place at the New Bulgarian University, from 11:00 to 15:00 on 14.05.2019. Students will receive a certificate of participation.