TEPSA Newsletter April 2018 is now out!

As a new month has started, we are happy to inform you that we have released our most recent TEPSA Newsletter April 2018 edition, featuring many different news, activities and publications from our TEPSA and our Member Institutes! If you have not received it, you can read the April 2018 Newsletter here.

The TEPSA monthly Newsletter disseminates news, publications and events from TEPSA and the TEPSA member institutes to individuals involved in EU policy-making, think tanks, academia, civil society and anyone who signs up via the TEPSA website. The Newsletter and the TEPSA website are interlinked, so all information on the newsletter can also be found on our website. Since June 2017 the TEPSA Newsletter has adopted a new format, featuring a modern design to better reflect how the website is organised and allowing for a smoother reading experience.

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