TEPSA Policy Paper ‘Time to hit the reset button: “The Eastern Partnership after the Vilnius Summit and the Role of Russia”‘ by Katrin Böttger

TEPSA_LOGODespite the fact that Georgia and Moldova initialled their Association Agreements (AA) at the Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit on 28/29 November 2013, the summit and its aftermath have to be rated as a low point in the Eastern Partnership. Not only did then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych refuse to sign the Association Agreement for Ukraine, favouring instead a loan and a reduction in gas prices from Russia. This refusal to sign the Association Agreement initially resulted in frustration and protests at the end of 2013. Later on it led to the mobilisation of extreme right wing forces civil unrest and in February 2014 to numerous deaths on the streets of Kyiv.

The Policy Paper is available for download here.