TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference, 26-27 November 2009, Madrid

The beginning of the end of the serious, twin crisis – institutional and economic –that Europe has endured for more than a year, will dominate the 6-month Spanish presidency of the European Union and the term of the new team presidency – comprising the trio of Spain, Belgium and Hungary – starting 1st January, 2010. During this period, the seemingly endless processof ratifying the new Treaty which will govern the future workings of the EU must conclude, and a lasting economic recovery must start. As there is not much room left for special measures, the new productive model for growth and job-creation must be achieved through structural reforms based on the competitiveness of innovation and on sustainability, both social and environmental.

It is against this backdrop that the new post-Lisbon (post-Lisbon Treaty and post-Lisbon Strategy) period begins. With the proper political leadership, it could lead to a European Union that is more efficient and transparent in the political realm and more competitive and solidarity-minded in terms of economics, and therefore more secure and better adapted to the multi-polar, globalized world that is taking shape.

This conference was organised just five weeks before the Spanish presidency begins, and provided an excellent opportunity to debate the key issues and priorities that will make up the presidency’s agenda. It was organized with a multidisciplinary, trans-European approach, and featured renowned experts from the academic world, specialized analysts and important policymakers from all over the continent.

The Conference was co-organised by TEPSA and Real Instituto Elcano, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Office of the European Commission in Spain, and the Senate.