TEPSA selected for Europe for Citizens Operating Grant

TEPSA is happy to inform you that its Operating Grant application under the Europe for Citizens programme has been selected for EU co-funding in 2018-20.

The grant provides a stable outlook for core TEPSA activities in 2018-2020. It is also important for TEPSA to re-enter into the Operating Grant scheme as it used to benefit from it in the past.

14 TEPSA members will organise specific events as part of the envisaged work programme and all TEPSA members will benefit from the planned activities.

TEPSA’s work will contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity.  We will encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level, debate the future of Europe, challenge Euroscepticism and promote solidarity in times of crisis. The main envisaged activities in 2018 include: TEPSA’s Pre-Presidency Conferences in Vienna and Bucharest, townhall meetings organized back to back with the PPCs, conferences in selected EU member states (on national elections and Future of Europe), training seminars in Brussels, student contests and a stepping up of TEPSA’s communication activities (video explainer series, briefing papers, social media presence)

TEPSA has already received a grant decision from EACEA.