TEPSA Starts New Project on Raising Citizens Awareness about the Role of the EU

From January 2021, TEPSA implements its new project “EP4U – European Policies for You”

BRUSSELS, 21/01/2021: In the framework of the European Parliament Multi-annual Work Programme for Grants in the area of communication, TEPSA has received funding to implement the project “EP4U – European Policies for You” from January 2021 to June 2022.

Being the sole beneficiary of the project, TEPSA aims to raise citizens’ awareness of EU policy-making, engaging university and high school students in discussions about the work of the EU and the EP in four policy areas:

  • Climate and environment;
  • Employment and social policies;
  • Migration and asylum; and
  • Non-discrimination and protection of fundamental rights.

These policies are analysed in four Member States (Finland, France, Bulgaria and Slovakia) throughout a series of activities, such as high-school talks, conferences, communication activities and student contests. TEPSA will be in charge of implementing project activities and will make use of four implementing partners from TEPSA’s member institutes to develop activities in the selected Member States. TEPSA activities are oversaw and asses by an Advisory Board composed of renown EU scholars and practitioners.

With this project, TEPSA aims to create of a community of young European citizens who are well informed about the EU and its work, and who are equipped with the critical tools to engage in an informed debate about some key policy areas. These objectives are closely linked to those of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and thus the project will explore synergies and involve project participants in the Conference, when possible.

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