TEPSA starts new project on strengthening trust in democracy

From March 2023, TEPSA is implementing a new Horizon Europe project “ActEU”

BRUSSELS, 28/03/2023: In the framework of the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union, TEPSA has received funding to implement the “ActEU” project as part of a European consortium of leading research institutes and universities.

Trust in politics is in crisis throughout Europe, as shown in numerous regular public surveys. How does politics regain the public’s trust, and how can young people become more enthusiastic about democratic participation? “Activating European Citizens’ Trust in Times of Crises and Polarisation (ActEU)” seeks to investigate the trust of citizens in political institutions and their legitimacy in the face of increasing distrust and polarisation.

“Climate change, immigration, gender injustice : these challenges are debated throughout Europe”, says Prof. Dr. Michael Kaeding, ActEU’s Project Leader and Professor at the Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The project, under Kaeding’s leadership alongside Prof. Dr. Daniela Braun (Saarland University) as Scientific Lead, will move beyond the traditional survey-based investigations into the subject. Braun will lead a team with Dr. Kristina Weissenbach to develop new survey methods, from web analyses to experimental interviews.

ActEU will heavily involve young people in its activities, organising Youth Democracy Labs throughout Europe to make young Europeans’ voices heard. The project will also include the development of a number of educational tools, including by teaming up with political cartoonists and EU partners throughout Europe to develop a series of comics for use in teaching and political education. “By moving away from the usual method, we can recapture legitimacy and political trust”, concluded Kaeding.

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Learn more about the ActEU project here.

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