TEPSA Student Contest: Graduate Winner Announcement

With the support of the Europe for Citizens (EfC) Programme, the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) organised a student contest on the theme of “solidarity in the EU”, open to high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students from the TEPSA network and beyond.

Today, we are pleased to announce the winners of the TEPSA Student Contest at the Graduate level. These are invited to attend TEPSA’s EU@Work seminars taking place in Brussels in October 2020, with travel and accommodation costs covered.

Graduate students were required to submit a short policy brief reflecting on the theme of solidarity in the EU. They  provided concrete recommendations to policy makers in their chosen topic area. We have selected two winners in the graduate category:

“Climate Change and Environmental Protection: Ensuring Intergenerational Solidarity”, by Arun Mahato

Arun Mahato is an MA Student at the Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel. We found his paper to be reflective of the current state of affairs regarding EU Climate policies and provided with extensive, bold, and up-to-date recommendations.

You can read Arun’s policy paper here.

“Addressing Coordination Issues in the COVID-19 Crisis to strengthen long-term Solidarity in the European Union”, Joël Christoph

Joël Christoph is a French MA-ML Student at Johns Hopkins University SAIS and Tsinghua University. We felt that Joël’s contribution demonstrated a high level of analysis, with thorough and convincing argumentation. Joël’s policy paper reflected the key priorities of the COVID-19 recovery, and gave detailed recommendations to ensure their success.

You can read Joël’s policy paper here.

In the coming days, we will also be announcing the winners of the undergraduate and high school categories of the TEPSA Student Contest, so stay tuned!