TEPSA Student Paper: “Addressing Coordination Issues in the COVID-19 Crisis to strengthen long-term Solidarity in the European Union”, Joël Christoph

Joël Christoph is a French MA-ML Student at Johns Hopkins University SAIS and Tsinghua University, and winner of the TEPSA Student Contest 2020 at the Postgraduate level. We felt that Joël’s contribution demonstrated a high level of analysis, with thorough and convincing argumentation. Joël’s policy paper reflected the key priorities of the COVID-19 recovery, and gave detailed recommendations to ensure their success.


This paper examines coordination issues in the European Union during the COVID-19 crisis and makes seven recommendations for policymakers to strengthen long-term European solidarity. First, to increase immediate fiscal space. Second, to strengthen joint fiscal capabilities. Third, to coordinate immediate crisis messaging. Fourth, to establish a common European information platform. Fifth, to secure indigenous long-term healthcare capabilities. Sixth, to reaffirm internal European solidarity in foreign relations. Finally, to build consensus in advance for strategic emergency plans.

You can read Joël’s policy paper here.