TEPSA Student Paper: “Climate Change and Environmental Protection: Ensuring Intergenerational Solidarity”, by Arun Mahato

Arun Mahato is an MA Student at the Institute for European Global Studies, University of Basel, and winner of the TEPSA Student Contest 2020 at the Postgraduate level. We found his paper to be reflective of the current state of affairs regarding EU Climate policies and provided with extensive, bold, and up-to-date recommendations.


Climate change and environmental protection are key contemporary challenges that have to be addressed on multiple levels. Especially when it comes to enabling intergenerational and transnational solidarity, constructive solutions are urgently required. In order to tackle these complex challenges within a European framework, this policy brief suggests implementing an interdisciplinary approach combining economic, legalinstitutional and knowledge-based measures, as well as emphasizing the pivotal roles played by civil society actors and farmers.

You can read Arun’s policy paper here.