TEPSA Student Paper: “Fostering Solidarity through a Reformed EU Asylum Policy”, Chiara Mingozzi

Chiara Mingozzi is an Undergraduate Student from the University College, Cork, and the winner of the TEPSA Student Contest 2020 at the Undergraduate level. We felt that Chiara’s contribution was a strong case-study based essay, demonstrating a detailed and consistent understanding of solidarity as a concept, and culminating in concrete policy recommendations towards integration.


The principle of Solidarity is contained in a number of EU provisions and it constitutes one of the main values upon which the Community was founded. Nevertheless, national interests still seem to have priority over the solidarity principle when it comes to establishing a fair Common European Asylum System. This paper argues that the harmonization of member states’ asylum policies and a reformed Dublin Regulation would ensure a fairer distribution of asylum seekers and ultimately foster solidarity among member states. This would, in turn, allow member states to establish better reception centres, ensuring better conditions for asylum seekers in full respect of human rights provisions.

You can read Chiara’s policy paper here.