TEPSA Student Paper: “Solidarity Beyond Borders: EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans”, Vlad Șipoș

Vlad Șipoș is a student at Colegiul Național Bănățean in Timișoara, Romania, and winner of the TEPSA Student Contest 2020 at the High School level. We felt that Vlad’s contribution was a strong academic contribution to the conversation surrounding Western Balkans enlargement. This unique and relevant topic, discussed in a skillful and convincing manner, demonstrated the author’s dedication to the future of European solidarity.


Solidarity is the defining feature of the European Union. While it exists between member states, should it not also go beyond EU borders? This article argues that it should, namely be more cooperation between member states and countries wishing to accede. This would make the negotiation process highly effective, while also fuelling the diesire of EU states to welcome new members and that of acceding countries to participate in the project.

You can read Vlad’s policy paper here.