TEPSA Student Paper: “Tackling the Migration Challenge by Diversifying European Solidarity”, Lorenzo Lombardi

Lorenzo Lombardi is a student at Lund University, and winner of the TEPSA Student Contest 2021 at the Postgraduate level. We felt that Lorenzo’s paper demonstrated a sound understanding of the topic area, and gave concrete and bold policy recommendations.


The issue of migration represents a challenge for the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and its underpinning principle of European Solidarity. Indeed, this is a topic in which multiple actors are at play, each one with different interests to accommodate. Against this background, it is necessary to refine the understanding of European Solidarity based on the concept of reciprocity and to distinguish among three contexts: Interstate, International, and Transnational. Each context generates its own specific policy recommendations: respectively, enhanced burden-sharing, partnerships with third parties, and a coalition of grassroots organisations.

You can read Lorenzo’s paper here.