TEPSA Student Paper: “The Roots of Solidarity: How school systems can influence societies”, Constança Fonseca

Constança Fonseca is a high-school student from Portugal, and winner of the TEPSA Student Contest 2021 at the High-School level. We felt that Constanza’s paper is full of energy, providing a fresh and positive outlook on how investing in education is paramount for the next generation of EU citizens.


Education can change the world. If we want citizens that can solve conflicts and live-in today’s world under constant change we need to start early, in schools. Educational systems are not compatible with the demands of today’s society. Children are expected to know multiple languages, know how to do a proper presentation, know how to perfectly deal with technology but they were never taught to do so. When solving a problem, the easiest thing is to cut it by the root; we can change societies if we change the way citizens learn.

You can read Constança’s paper here.