TEPSA-UDE Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of Europe, Duisburg, 10 October 2018

In the framework of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the EU, TEPSA, the Volkshochschule Duisburg, the Chair of European Integration and European Politics of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Europe Direct and the EU citizens service of the city of Duisburg jointly organised a Citizens’ Dialogue on the future of the EU in Duisburg on  10 October 2018. Altogether 41 citizens participated in the event.

The European Union is facing today big challenges. Considerable migration waves are putting at stake the cohesion of the Union. Great Britain has already turned its back to the EU. The general global situation is changing through an alteration of the centres of powers. In addition to this there are other elements to take into account such as climate change or the digitalisation. It is for this reason that we ask: how should the European Union carry on? What has been achieved up until now? What can be done better? How does it look like for instance in terms of labour, sustainability and security, and how can the European Union assert itself in the global competition? But also: how does the future of Europe directly relate to the individual citizens? It comes down to the attention to the detail and the overall picture.

Dialogue about Europe gives room for good experiences, but also for concerns, critics and wishes. The views and opinions of the individual participants were the focal point. The broader debate should not be exclusively oriented to giving impulses to Brussels. It is also about drawing conclusions for the German government’s European policies.

Michael Kaeding, Chairman of TEPSA, was present during the event and aided in its organisation.