TEPSA Welcomes Sonia Chabane, our new Junior Project Manager!

Sonia (she/her) is a Junior Project Manager at TEPSA. She coordinates TEPSA’s newly awarded project RADAR, on Raising Awareness on Disinformation, Achieving Resilience. Additionally, she manages the supply of external academic expertise to Subcommittees of the European Parliament, especially on matters of human rights, foreign affairs, the EU enlargement, Southern Neighbourhood and the Greater Middle East.

Sonia holds three Master’s degrees with a research specialisation. One from the Global Campus of Human Rights with a regional focus on the ‘Arab world’ and a Dual M.A in the Governance of International Relations from Sciences Po Toulouse. In the last six years, Sonia developed expertise at the intersection of forced migration, human rights mechanisms and violations, new technologies and the political economy of humanitarian and development assistance in Turkey, the Maghreb, Machrek and the Gulf.

Before TEPSA, Sonia’s background has been strengthened by international experience in research institutes (CNRS, Istanbul Policy Center), academia (Yeditepe, Saint-Joseph of Beirut, University College London), think tanks (European Horizons, Turkish Heritage Organization), and non-governmental organisations. Learning from these spaces, Sonia grew interested in actionable research and bridging the ‘knowledge gap’

between academia and policymaking. She now aims to do so within the scope of the European Union.

You can contact Sonia Chabane at sonia.chabane[at]tepsa.eu