TEPSA Voices

TEPSA Voices feature video and written contributions from the TEPSA network and beyond, communicating EU current affairs in an understandable manner.

  • EuropeChats is our talk show hosted by TEPSA Executive Director Mariam Khotenashvili: every episode, she asks our Secretary-General Jim Cloos about his views on the key issues facing Europe today. EuropeChats is also your opportunity to have your questions answered by a European diplomat of some 35 years, so make sure to send your questions in via Twitter using the hashtag #EuropeChats!
  • EU History Explained is the video series where we try to make sense of today’s European Union by looking at its history. We are so used to hearing about politics being shaped in “Brussels”, but let’s consider how the EU came to be.
  • Editorials are written every month by our Secretary-General Jim Cloos and feature in the TEPSA Newsletter, which you can subscribe to here in order to get these expert editorials directly into your inbox. In each editorial, he elaborates on the key issues in Europe, and gives his expert analysis.
  • TEPSA Observatory is our series of initiatives taking count of current EU affairs. Here we publish our ‘EUCO Debrief’, the TEPSA Network’s policy responses to the regularly published conclusions of the European Council. Each time the European Council meet for a summit, TEPSA gathers its leading academics to comment on the conclusions, analysing alliances formed, maintained, and broken, investigating the policy implications of the consensus reached, and prescribing solutions to move Europe forward.
  • Jim’s Reading Corner is a reading list to stimulate debate in which our Secretary-General Jim Cloos analyses and reviews books of interest to Europe. From the unique perspective of a lifetime EU practitioner, Jim gives his comment on books, articles, long-reads, and more – and tackles the leading issues of the day.
  • TEPSA Explainers are short videos elaborating on key issues in European affairs according to the expertise of the contributor.
  • TEPSA Briefs are written publications by leading academics which break down current questions in European affairs and give recommendations based on their analysis.
  • TEPSA Student Papers are the best papers submitted to TEPSA’s annual Student Contest on European Solidarity.
  • Europe Speaks is a podcast channel by TEPSA where we bring together Europe’s leading academics and experts to discuss their areas of expertise, it is available on all major podcast services.

TEPSA Voices bring these initiatives together in one place. To see more, choose a section below.