“The AUKUS Partnership: A Wake-up Call for Europe”, Gabriele Abbondanza (IAI, Italy)

Now that some dust has settled over the surprise announcement of AUKUS on 16 September, it is possible to analyse the implications of this partnership not just for its members, but for Europe as well. The EU kept neutral tones throughout, but could not hide its irritation and paused its free trade talks with Australia until 2022. The announcement of AUKUS came on the very same day in which the EU had scheduled to unveil its Indo-Pacific strategy, which ended up being overshadowed by the new partnership instead. In other words, this incident was only the latest in a series of developments that have caused consternation in transatlantic relations, following the US’s unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan and the many hopes that Biden would reset EU–US relations after the tensions witnessed during Trump’s tenure.

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