“The Austrian Security Strategy”, 10 February 2014, OIIP Austria

Logo OIIPThe Austrian parliament has set a new strategy in safety, which replaces the statement of defense from 2001. It leaves the picture of threat of the “cold war” behind. “Conventional attacks against Austria became unlikely”. It is geared on global tasks and international cooperation. In comparison with the old strategy much more importance is attached to the United Nations. There is a true commitment to the crisis management of the UN and the EU. “The payment of contribution to the international crises management is an essential part of the Austrian federal armed forces. Joining the NATO is no option any longer. There is a modern Austrian strategy of security. The participants discussed how this strategy can be filled with life.

Discussants were Dr. Johann Frank, BMLVS, Prof. Dr. Heinz Gärtner, oiip, Universität Wien, Mag. Karin Fichtinger-Grohe, Außenministerium
The moderator was Generalsekretär Fritz Edlinger, Herausgeber der Zeitschrift “International”
Venue: oiip, Wien