The Centre of International Relations of University of Ljubljana participated in the Smart Specialization Strategy Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia (CIR, Slovenia)

On 31 June 2019, two members of the Centre of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana – prof. dr. Maja Bučar and assoc. prof. dr. Anže Burger – participated in the Smart Specialization Strategy Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia.

The workshop was organised by the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The audience consisted of state officials employed in various ministries and agencies, working on Smart Specialization Strategy for the following EU Multiannual Financial Framework.

Prof. dr. Maja Bučar presented the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process in Slovenia and the Design of Slovenian Smart Specialisation Strategy Implementation Instruments in the 2014–2020 operational programme, with special attention to Strategic Research and Innovation Partnerships. Assoc. prof. dr. Anže Burger presented the Slovenian methodology of analytical support for the Smart Specialisation Strategy. Dr. Alenka Rožaj Brvar, director of SIS EGIZ (Slovenian Innovation Hub – European Economic Interest Grouping), who also attended the event, presented the practical experience of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership – Health and Medicine, which she is the lead manager of.