“The Day after COVID-19: Capacity, Governance and Order”, Bülent Aras and Emirhan Yorulmazlar (IPC, Turkey)

IPC Senior Scholar Bülent Aras and Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Emirhan Yorulmazlar’s policy brief “The Day after COVID-19: Capacity, Governance and Order” was published.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has revitalized the debate on the long-awaited transformation of the international order. Whether a leaderless, chaotic paradigm will fall into place or a post-corona cooperative order will be built is unclear—especially as national leaders strive to maintain their conventional tactical attempts to prevail in conflicts with rival nations, curtail national deficiencies via magnifying partial successes in coping with the outbreak, and demoralizing adversaries through recrimination and misinformation. This policy brief argues that in order to empower global solutions, all nations need to magnify efforts to build capacity at home and coalitions for restructuring a new global order. States that can generate and provide locally and nationally rooted administrative capacity against the challenges presented by COVID-19 will not only survive this crisis but will also create momentum toward international cooperation in its aftermath.

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