“The digitalisation of the European Union: repercussions and expectations”, Tanel Kerikmäe and David Ramiro Troitiño (CIDOB, Barcelona)

From technology platforms and artificial intelligence to Fintech, cybersecurity, the gig economy and social networks, the digital society is already a fully defined and implemented reality. In this context, the digital development of the European Union (EU) has reached a crucial stage: from a range of perspectives the decisions and regulations adopted on this issue in the near future will significantly affect the whole of the EU, including the lives of its citizens and beyond. Issue 131 of Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals analyses the process of digitalising the EU. Its multidisciplinary approach – taking in the fields of labour, security, information and politics, among others – helps understand the phenomenon, while also contributing to its scientific dissemination and encouraging critical thinking with the aim of achieving a fair, inclusive and competitive digital society.

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