The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Industrial Relations in Croatia by Hrvoje Butković, Višnja Samardžija, Sanja Tišma, Institute for International Relations – IMO, Zagreb, November 2012

The Book is published by in English and Croatian IMO as a result of the EC funded project „The Economic Crisis Impact on Industrial Relations National Systems: Policy Responses as Key Recovery Tools“, coordinated by the Centre for Economic Development from Sofia. The book examines changes in industrial relations in Croatia as a result of the economic crisis. During 2012 in particular media attention on industrial relations and the social dialogue in Croatia increased as country witnessed numerous difficulties in conducting an effective social dialogue at the national level. Research results indicate that crisis led to questioning of the routine patterns of industrial relations in Croatia, requesting from the social partner’s re-examination of their previous action strategies. The authors advocate for the rapprochement of standpoints of employers, trade unions and the Government on the ways for getting out of the crisis as precondition for leading a successful policy oriented social dialogue.

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