The EFPI became an integrated part of the ICDS (ICDS, Estonia)

The Estonian Foreign Policy Institute was merged with the ICDS in 2017 and was operating as an autonomous unit under the ICDS since then. In the course of five years, it has grown into a strong branch of research and analysis, covering a range of key foreign and security policy topics that affect Estonia and being well networked with European and North American think tanks. The strengthening of the EFPI has been greatly supported by the administrative and intellectual framework of the ICDS.

As of January 2023, the EFPI is fully integrated with the organizational structure of the ICDS and all of its activities will continue under the name of the foreign policy programme of the ICDS. This organizational reform will further strengthen the ICDS as a leading defence, security and foreign policy think tank in the Baltic region.

Kristi Raik, who has been director of the EFPI since 2018, will assume the new position of deputy director and head of the foreign policy programme of the ICDS. All EFPI researchers continue working as ICDS researchers.

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