“The European Parliament’s role in Foreign and Security Policies: lessons from the Russian invasion of Ukraine”, Stef Borgers and Jacopo Giraudo (College of Europe, Bruges)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine represents one of the most critical geopolitical developments in Europe’s recent history and a major test for EU foreign and security policies. Despite its modest competencies in EU foreign and security policies, the European Parliament has taken a prominent role in the EU’s response to the conflict by, amongst others, hosting a series of high-level speeches and producing significant policy proposals on how to solve the crisis. With these actions, the Parliament has actively engaged in parliamentary diplomacy making full use of its competencies. In the ongoing debate on the future of Europe, the conflict could serve as a catalyst for more parliamentary involvement in EU external action. While treaty changes to this effect are desirable in the long term, the Parliament can increase its role in the short term by establishing Liaison Offices in candidate countries and systematically creating special committees in cases involving conflict with major political, economic, or military repercussions for the EU.

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