“The EU’s humanitarian aid policy in the post-Lisbon context: an analysis of the decision-making process towards the Palestinian and Ukrainian crises 2010-2021”, Alexandre Piron (College of Europe, Bruges)

This paper analyses the decision to allocate funds from the European Union, more particularly DG ECHO, in the field of humanitarian aid to third countries. Little research focuses on the factors that guide such decisions to allocate funds. It is this grey area that this  research explores to depict the different factors (external and internal) within the EU  environment that could explain the amounts given, such as the geographical proximity or the  vertical and horizontal coherence. The paper will demonstrate the range of these factors  compared to a strictly need-based approach. To do so, two case studies of Palestine and  Ukraine have been chosen to answer the following research question: Under which  conditions does the European Union invest in humanitarian aid and what determines the amount of aid?

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