“The Evolution of Counter-Terrorism Since 9/11”, Thomas Renard (Egmont, Belgium)

What is counter-terrorism? While the answer to this question may seem self-evident, it has become quite complicated to define the contours of a field that has expanded dramatically in the two decades since the 9/11 attacks. This book examines the evolution of counter-terrorism (CT) policies in liberal democracies since 2001, with a specific focus on the case of Belgium.

Through the use of public policy theory and an in-depth case study on Belgium, the book identifies the key factors influencing CT policy-making, both domestically and internationally, and offers an explanation for the development of a more comprehensive CT agenda across Europe. It provides an innovative theoretical approach and is also based on extensive interviews with key counter-terrorism officials and analysis of key policy documents. The book concludes by identifying some key drivers of change and offers an embryonic theory of CT policy-making.

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