“The External Action of the European Union – Concepts, Approaches, Theories”, Sieglinde Gstöhl and Simon Schunz (College of Europe, Bruges)

The External Action of the European Union – Concepts, Approaches, Theories is a groundbreaking new textbook offering an extensive coverage of EU External Action Studies, from its major concepts to the key theories in the field. Over the past decades, the European Union has progressively developed into a significant global actor in an increasing number of policy fields. This long-awaited volume looks into different ways of conceptualizing the EU as a global actor, the processes and impact of EU external action, explanations offered by IR and integration theories, the discursive, normative, practice and gender ‘turns’, and the ‘decentring agenda’ for EU external action. Written by leading experts, the volume will make essential reading for students, scholars and practitioners of EU external action.

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