“The external energy actorness of the EU towards Egypt”, Lukáš Tichý, Zbyně and Jan Mazač (IIR, Czech Republic)

The aim of this article is to apply the concept of external actorness to an analysis of EU energy relations towards Egypt in 1995–2020, with an emphasis on the related potential for strengthening energy security. The external actorness of the EU in its energy relations is based on a set of predefined criteria of a modified concept: (1) the consistency and specificity of the external energy policy and its goals and interests; (2) the diplomatic apparatus and policy tools; and (3) external recognition of the EU energy actorness by third parties. The article concludes that the EU in its energy relations with Egypt promotes its goals/interests, and has a diplomatic apparatus and political tools, but it is perceived and accepted only as a partial energy actor.

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