“The Foreign Policy of the European Union”, Stephan Keukeleire and Tom Delreux (College of Europe, Bruges)

Eight years after the 2nd edition, the fully revised third edition was published of the acclaimed ‘The Foreign Policy of the European Union’, written by Stephan Keukeleire (visiting professor between 2001 and 2019) and Tom Delreux (visiting professor since 2018).

Keukeleire and Delreux demonstrate the scope and diversity of the EU’s foreign policy, showing that EU foreign policy is broader than the CFSP and CSDP, and that areas such as trade, development, environment and energy are inextricable elements of it. This book offers a comprehensive and critical account of the EU’s key external policies and foreign relations – with its neighbourhood, with the US, China and Russia, and with emerged powers – and argues that the EU’s foreign policy needs to be understood not only as a response to crises and conflicts, but also as a means of shaping international structures and influencing long-term processes. The book also shows that, despite a gradually strengthened foreign policy through CFSP and CSDP, the EU’s weakened geostrategic position was fuelled by the its inability to develop constructive relations with two major neighbouring powers, Turkey and Russia – which became even more visible during the war in Ukraine.

This third edition of ‘The Foreign Policy of the European Union’ reflects recent changes and trends in EU foreign policy as well as the international context in which it operates. The book not only clarifies the formal procedures in EU foreign policy-making but also elucidates how it works in practice. It includes new sections and boxes on ‘strategic autonomy’, European arms exports, the EU’s external representation, the ‘Brussels Effect’, and decentring and gender approaches to EU foreign policy. It is also supported by its own website: the research guide ‘Exploring EU Foreign Policy’.

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