The Neighbours of the EU’s Neighbours: Legal, Political, Security and Socio-Economic Challenges beyond the ENP (College of Europe Bruges)

On 21-22 March 2013, the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges organised an international conference to discuss specific policy challenges in the European Union’s broader neighbourhood (Sahel, Horn of Africa, Middle East, Central Asia).

The conference focused on technical and sectoral issues such as political and legal challenges; security and military challenges; socio-economic challenges as well as concrete measures to connect the neighbours of the EU’s neighbours. It followed up on a conference held in November 2012 which examined the geopolitical and diplomatic dimensions beyond the ENP. This first conference had concluded that the EU might want to consider drafting a Strategy on the Neighbours of the EU’s Neighbours which would focus on building bridges across the different (sub-)regions by drawing on and further developing the interfaces between them.

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CoE conf March 2013